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If you want to reach every type of household in a given area - ask us about Every Door Direct.

Every Door Direct MD, DC, VA

We make is easy by providing a total package: Design • Copywriting • List Analysis & Creation • Mailing

Our individual postcards "solo postcards", which are very popular, are full-color both sides on quality stock and are appropriate for most businesses ( if you have had success with other formats we are flexible). We suggest a 10,000 piece minimum to ensure your success and return on investment. If you have a customer list, perfect, we'll analyze it and find out who your ideal customer is. If not, we'll create a list for you from your preferred areas. When you've approved your design, we will have it printed and our mail-house will take care of the addressing and delivery to the USPS.

When done correctly, direct mail can generate business for you. Think about it – not everybody reads the newspaper, constantly watches television or lives on the computer, but everyone has a mailbox. Direct mail gives you access to all of the households in your area and allows you to reach them one to one. Here are a few of the benefits that direct mail offers you.

It's Flexible
Direct mail offers you many options when it comes to what you can send — postcards, self-mailers, brochures, letters, coupons and much more.

You Can Target
You can choose precisely the audience you want to target and speak only to them. Want to only reach 10 neighbors of your current customers? Want to reach households with children, an income of $75,000 and above, a house size over 1,500 square feet and sold within the last 5 years? It can be done.

You Can Measure
This may require a little more effort on your part, but it is a necessity of direct mail. By tracking and analyzing your mailings, you'll know exactly how you are doing.

It's Private
You can reach your audience without your competition's knowledge and allow your customers to see your message with limited distractions.

Successful marketing campaigns do not happen by accident. Robinson Advertising is dedicated to helping you maximize the impact of your marketing investment. For more ideas and/or assistance with your direct marketing campaigns, call us for a free consultation.

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